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Popcorn Time vs. Netflix – Is FREE Really Better than Paid?

The human addiction to entertainment is one that will never reach a conclusion. Thanks to the efforts of film industries worldwide, there is a marvelous amount of content available in the form of movies/TV shows, seizing the attention of people with different tastes and desires. Where some websites may require a subscription to access this content, others opt for a more budget-friendly route. Yes, we are talking about Netflix and Popcorn Time! The two hit streaming services are currently going head-to-head in delivering watchable content all around the world. The only difference: one is paid and the other FREE. Which one is the better platform though in terms of reliability, content quality, and features? Continue reading this Popcorn Time vs Netflix guide to get the answer!

Popcorn Time vs. Netflix

  1. Popcorn Time vs Netflix – War for the Best Streaming Service
  2. Popcorn Time vs Netflix Reddit Reviews
  3. Do VPNs Support Popcorn Time or Netflix?
  4. Which is better: Popcorn Time or Netflix for Downloading Torrents?
  5. Netflix for Pirates – Users Reviews
  6. Popcorn Time vs Netflix – Author Ratings
  7. Popcorn Time vs Netflix Comparison


What is Netflix?

Launched in 1997 and headquartered in Los Gatos, Netflix is an all-rounder of delivering content. It provides streaming media and VOD online via its famed website, while also releasing original DVDs by mail. Moreover, it has roles in film and television production since 2013, producing an estimated 126 original files/series in the past year. The website has over 109.25 million subscribers worldwide, among which 52.77 million derive from within the US.
Popcorn Time vs Netflix

Popcorn Time vs Netflix – War for the Best Streaming Service

As an entertainment company and streaming service, Netflix allows it user base to enjoy streaming content to any internet-connected device via dedicated applications. You can watch movies/TV shows on tablets, smartphones, media players, gaming consoles, and smart TVs. Along with Netflix original TV series and films; you have access to content from around the world. However, since the website is geo-restricted, users outside the US may have trouble watching content.

what is netflix?

Popcorn Time is a free software, much similar to Netflix in terms of layout and appearance. It is available to download on multiple platforms free of charge. Much of content is provided using special BitTorrent technology combined with streaming capabilities. In terms of streaming, the application is best suited for users, who want to watch movies/TV series, without any restrictions. Users even have the ability of choosing the quality of stream, dubbed versions, and multi-lingual subtitles.

Popcorn Time Layout


Popcorn Time vs Netflix Reddit Reviews

There are plenty of Reddit threads comparing the two hit streaming platforms. Users of both are impressed by the collection of movies/TV series offered. However, you can find many pledging their fidelities to Popcorn Time – thanks to its ease of use and remarkable features. The software combines content from all platforms like Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, and Amazon – all into one. Below you can see a Redditor requesting the platform to be subscription-based.

Why not Popcorntime instead of Netflix? from PopCornTime


The points made above are quite solid, begging the question, as to why more platforms are not collaborating with one another, to provide a large database of streaming content. Regardless, Popcorn Time still stands atop, as anyone located anywhere in the world can watch their favorite movies/TV series, without geo-restrictions. However, if you talk about content quality, Netflix definitely gains an upper hand. Below you can see a Redditor comparing the streaming on both platforms.


Do VPNs Support Popcorn Time or Netflix?

Whether you use Popcorn Time or Netflix, subscribing to a VPN service is equally important. Since the former provides illegal streams for pirated content, using the application may get viewers into copyright hassles. At the same time, the latter is geo-restricted; meaning users outside the accepted countries list must use a VPN to access the website. Judging in terms of safety, Netflix definitely proves to be a good option. However, the costs of a subscription and VPN double to quite a sum.

On the contrary, Popcorn Time only requires a VPN to protect your identity from governmental agencies and local ISPs. And for the most of it, subscribing to a Popcorn Time VPN does wonders in maintaining anonymity. By using various encryption ciphers and protocols, it is almost impossible to trace any activity back to a user. The best part of all: the software has a built-in VPN, which further guarantees your safety for streaming content. Billed annually at $69, you have to pay a small sum for unlimited movies/TV series!

Do VPNs Support Popcorn Time or Netflix?

In case you are concern about your privacy and anonymity, and looking for another cheaper VPN without compromising on feature or security. Also, with a Popcorn time VPN service, you can get access geo-restricted content on Netflix, making is worth spending your money on.

Which is better: Popcorn Time or Netflix for Downloading Torrents?

Both Popcorn Time and Netflix don’t have dedicated torrent applications. As a result, you cannot use them for downloading torrents. The former though, do use BitTorrent technology combined with streaming capabilities to provide content. It grabs torrents with the highest seeds for movies/TV series ONLY, which you can then watch either: online or offline. At the backdrop, the platform saves the digital file on your PC, which is quite similar to uTorrent or BitTorrent applications. Also, for some regions/countries downloading or streaming torrents can be illegal and it’s highly recommended to use a VPN to make your activities anonymous! NordVPN for Netflix and ExpressVPN Netflix both are also tested by the experts, just check the detailed guide.


Netflix for Pirates – Users Reviews

Dubbed as the “Netflix for Pirates”, the revolutionary streaming application has developed a great reputation in the eyes of users. Even despite aggressive legal action by Motion Picture Association of America, it continues to function smoothly. With a huge library of content, users have never been more satisfied using an application like this. Below you can see users happily stating how much they love using Popcorn Time for streaming movies/TV series:



Popcorn Time vs Netflix – Author Ratings

The love for Popcorn Time is real. Users across multiple platforms have blessed the application with high ratings. If you search for Popcorn Time and Netflix on the Google Play Store, you will see that the former scores 4.5 with the latter earning a 4.4 rating. There is no doubt that Netflix has a larger user base than Popcorn Time, but this definitely shows the app has great potential in the marketplace of streaming movies and TV series.


Popcorn Time vs Netflix Comparison

It all comes down to a detailed comparison of both platforms to figure out the winner. Read the factors below to determine, which one is the best app for streaming.



In terms of popularity, the Netflix streaming website and application tend to cover a large user base. With over 109.25 subscribers worldwide, the platform is definitely famous for its collection of movies and TV shows. Since Popcorn Time is an application that made its way into the market in 2014, there has a huge gap of years to cover. However, considering the way things are going, it is sure that the free application will manage to surpass all.


Apps Compatibility

Both Popcorn Time and Netflix offer a dedicated application for a variety of platforms/OS. You can easily use them on Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, and Android. For users who want to leverage entertainment in larger screens, you will be pleased to hear that the apps are also available for Android TVs and gaming stations. However, since Netflix has a streaming website, it can be accessed via any internet-supported device – a feature lacking in Popcorn Time.


Revenue Model

As mentioned earlier, Popcorn Time is a completely free application for users. It does not make money, as the developers intend to keep it accessible to people all around the world. Besides, using an app for streaming pirated content is bad enough, but making money off it would be a far graver offense.  Conversely, Netflix earns through a diverse pricing model with three options: basic for $7.99, standard for $9.99, and premium for $11.99.


Content & Service Quality

Both Popcorn Time and Netflix boast the superior quality of content. The main difference lies between the content libraries. If you have a subscription for Netflix, you will only gain access to a few TV shows and movies that are supported by the entertainment company. However, Popcorn Time has no limitations on the content available. You can find almost every movie and TV show available on the platform, regardless of whether Amazon, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or any other streaming website holds the rights.


Valuable Features & Legality

In terms of legality, it is a no-brainer that using Popcorn Time could get you into trouble. The platform is loaded with pirated content. If your country has strict copyright laws, you may get into legal hassles. However, this is where VPNs prove handy in protecting your identity and keeping your activity safe from the prying eyes of the government and local ISPs. Netflix is legal and watching content on it will not land you in any misfortune. For the features, both Popcorn Time and Netflix allow for the selection of subtitles, language, and quality.


Wrapping Things Up

Ultimately, the better platform is more of a personal opinion. Our two scents land down to simple facts: If you want to watch movies/TV shows the legal way, Netflix is your best buddy. On the contrary, if you want unlimited access to on-demand, un-cut, full HD content, Popcorn Time is your loving pet. What platform do you think is better? Do not hesitate on sharing in the comments below!

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