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Popcorn Time Vs Kodi – A Comparison of Two Hit Streaming Platforms

When it comes to watching full-length, uncut movies/TV shows available for on-demand streaming free of cost, two reputable names come to mind: Popcorn Time and Kodi. Both platforms offer their own set of pros and cons for entertainment, amassing a huge fan base worldwide. However, the real question is: which one stands higher in terms of delivering an uninterrupted cinematic experience?  That is what this article is about: determining the better platform. So, without further ado, read this Popcorn Time vs Kodi guide to see which streaming service WINS!

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PopCorn Time Vs Kodi

  1. Popcorn Time vs Kodi – How Do They Work?
  2. Popcorn Time vs Kodi Boxes – Apps Compatibility
  3. Popcorn Time vs Kodi Exodus Add-on
  4. Popcorn Time vs Kodi Reddit Reviews
  5. Popcorn Time Android Alternative Apps
  6. Why Should You Go For Popcorn Time?


What is Kodi?

Released back in 2004, Kodi is an open-source, media player that allows users from all over the word to stream their favorite media content, which includes TV shows, movies, music, podcasts, and video. It is the creation of XBMC foundation, transforming any laptop, computer, smartphone, or tablet into a digital TV box to view premium content, without paying a single penny. The platform is most famous among users, who want to gain access to geo-restricted content. Learn also How to install popcorn time on kodi

What is Kodi


What is Popcorn Time?

Established in March 2014, Popcorn Time is an open-source, BitTorrent application that comes with a built-in media player. It is the creation of Federico Abad, taking much of its inspiration from Netflix. The platform boasts an incredibly eye-catching appearance and uses sequential uploading/download to stream movies/TV shows. It is the perfect solution to access pirated content offline/online safely, as it comes equipped with a VPN. Users even have the ability of choosing quality of streams.

What is Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time vs Kodi – How Do They Work?

Kodi uses a purpose-built user interface for running on all platforms/devices including large TVs. It features a 10-foot UI and brings you entertainment through official Kodi and third party kodiaddonz. Since the platform is free from licensing and curated app stores, you can easily install extensions for watching/listening to your favorite content. This includes the ability of accessing live channels at the push of a button, while also being able to play games.

Kodi - How Do They Work


Popcorn Time uses special BitTorrent technology combined with streaming capabilities for providing high-quality content. Designed to maximum perfection, it automatically fetches information like movie data, subtitles, images, and torrents from a variety of online sources. If you want to see a movie, simply hit the “watch” button. The streaming will begin almost instantaneously – a feature lacking in Kodi – that requires the installation of add-ons.

Popcorn Time - How Do They Work


Popcorn Time vs Kodi Boxes – Apps Compatibility

Kodi was initially only available on Xbox. However, as the platform gained in popularity, XBMC began introducing versions for different devices and operating systems. You can easily install Kodi on Windows, MAC, Linux, Android, and even on iOS devices. Simply visit and click on the “download” tab. Select the device you are using and the process will begin! There are also guides for installing Kodi on Amazon Fire TV, Chromebox, and Raspberry Pi.

popcorn time vs kodi Apps Compatibility


Popcorn time was officially only available on Windows, during its initial years. It quickly managed to gain positive media attention though, which allows its usage on multiple platforms/devices. You can easily find dedicated applications for Android, Linux, Mac, and iOS too. This grants users the ability to watch their favorite entertainment wherever they go. Similar to Kodi, you can even use the application on TVs that support Android OS, like Nvidia Shield TV and Amazon Fire TV.


Popcorn Time vs Kodi Exodus Add-on

Currently, Exodus is nearing its end, as a new add-on “Covenant” takes its place in replacement. As a result, the Kodi extension does not regularly update its content database or libraries, but you can still watch movies/TV shows. Popcorn Time boasts a broader library of entertainment. In fact, upon accessing the platform, you will notice the main screen is loaded with recently released flicks and popular blockbusters. For TV shows, episodes are usually available a day after their release.

Popcorn Time VPN Vs. Kodi

Popcorn Time vs Kodi Genesis Add-on

The Kodi Genesis add-on has also reached its climax, ever since the recent crackdown against the platforms repositories. A new add-on “Genesis Reborn” replaces the older version, which no longer boasts a huge library of movies and TV series. Conversely, Popcorn Time will never be taken down, as it has open-source code with different developers constantly introducing new releases.  The library is filled with top-notch movies/TV series, which are available to stream/download anytime you please!


Popcorn Time vs Kodi Reddit Reviews

Both Popcorn Time and Kodi enjoy a prominent presence on Reddit with many users constantly discussing about new changes and troubleshooting common issues. Each platform even has its own Reddit account to guide users. You can even find multiple threads, comparing the two with each other and the hit paid streaming service, Netflix. Below you can see a Redditor describing the experience of using Kodi and the problems faced, which are for the most part, TRUE.


Popcorn Time Android Alternative Apps

If you are looking for reliable and working alternatives to Popcorn Time for Android, then you might want to try out Mobdro or Terrarium TV. Both applications are free to use and allow users to stream movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, and other content on your Android in high-definition. You can download the apps directly from Google Play Store or visit their respective websites.


Why Should You Go For Popcorn Time?

  1. Eye-Catching Software Outlook – Popcorn Time boasts an incredibly beautiful and attractive design, which leads users to question how it is actually FREE. Large thumbnails display the selection of movies/TV shows available, coupled with content data, star ratings, and trailer videos. Everything runs smoothly and streaming is incredibly fast. We have never seen a more elegant and eye-catching design from any free or even paid platform!
  2. No Irritating Ads and Promotions – Unlike other free/paid software, Popcorn Time avoids using irritating ads and promotions on its software. This creates a very interactive and user-friendly experience, minus the distractions. Users can leverage an uninterrupted cinematic experience, which is unlike any illegal software. The platform is truly one of a kind, as everything focuses towards providing the best streaming to USERS.
  3. Integrated VPN Service – When compared to Kodi and other software, Popcorn Time gains a definite edge, due to its integrated VPN service. You can sign up to the VPN and receive strong encryption and security for streaming pirated movies/TV series. This means, your activity will remain untraceable to local ISPs and governmental agencies. The monthly plan starts at $12 per month and the yearly at $69 only, which is a small cost to pay for unlimited entertainment.

Popcorn Time Features - why should you go for popcorn time?


Wrapping Things Up

Based on our comparison of both: Popcorn Time and Kodi, it is clear that each platform has its own pros and cons. However, if you want to leverage instant streaming with security, then Popcorn Time definitely secures the win. Where installing add-ons proves to be infuriating on Kodi, watching content on the latter just requires you to hit the “watch” button. What do you think about both platforms? Share in the comments section below.

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