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Popcorn Time PS3 and PS4 – 5 Minutes Guide for Installation

PS3/PS4 are famous gaming consoles that act as an online service and a media center too. This makes it an all-rounder for many. You can play your favorite games whenever you want to, while also leveraging entertainment via movies/TV shows. Are you trying to get Popcorn Time PS3 and PS4? If so, then read this detailed guide from Popcorn Time VPN


Popcorn Time PS3 and PS4 Ultimate Setup Guide

  1. Popcorn Time PS3 Download App
  2. How to Setup/Install Popcorn Time PS3 and PS4
  3. Popcorn Time PS4 and PS3 Reddit
  4. Popcorn Time PS3 Media Server
  5. Popcorn Time Stream from Mac to PS3
  6. What Is Popcornflix PS3?
  7. Popcorn Time PS4 and PS3 Issues/Errors/Not Working


Is Popcorn Time PS4 Download App Available?

Though Popcorn Time offers multi-platform support, there is no dedicated app available for PS4. Sony uses quite the strict app-signing process, which disallows using software that implement BitTorrent protocols. However, there is a workaround to using PT, which we will discuss further in the article.

Popcorn Time PS3 and PS4

Popcorn Time PS3 Download App

Similar to its successor, there is no app available for PS3 gaming consoles. This means, you cannot just install PT on the device to watch movies/TV shows. You need to opt for another route, which involves the installation of the “Plex” media player.

Popcorn Time PS3 Download App

How to Setup/Install Popcorn Time PS3 and PS4

Follow the steps below to start streaming Popcorn Time on your PS4/PS3:

  1. Install the PT app on your Windows, Mac or Linux PC.
  2. After completion, install the “Plex” media player.
  3. Launch the PT app and select “Settings” on the top right corner.
  4. Now, click on the “Show Advanced Settings” option.
  5. Scroll down until you find “Cache Directory”.
  6. Go to “Users/Username/Documents”.
  7. Create a folder named “PT Streaming App”.
  8. Launch the Plex software and click on the “Plus Sign”.
  9. This will add a new library. Select “Movies”.
  10. Set the path to “Cache Directory”.
  11. Open terminal by typing “ifconfig” (MAC).
  12. Search for your IPv4 address and note it down.
  13. Copy/paste the address in your PS4/PS3’s internet browser.
  14. At the end of the IPv4 address add: “:34000/home/index.html”.
  15. The Plex Interface combined with PT will activate on PlayStation.
  16. Enjoy streaming movies/TV shows on your gaming console!

Popcorn Time PS4 and PS3 Reddit

You can find many threads on Reddit, which discuss the gaming console and the unavailability of a PT app for it. Many users are looking forward to developers to build an app suited for PlayStation, but we assume that would take some time. Below are some comments from Redditors:

Popcorn Time PS3 Media Server

Originally created for PS3 exclusively, the media server is a DLNA-compliant app that streams/transcodes a variety of media forms with minimum configuration. Now, the app is even available on other media renders like Sony Televisions, Samsung, Philips, Xbox 360, and Pioneer. Though PT uses its own streaming protocol, combined with this feature on PS3, you can enjoy an amazing cinematic experience.

Popcorn Time Stream from Mac to PS3

Unfortunately, there is no way for you to cast your screen to a PS3/PS4 gaming console. Sony boasts an incredibly strict coding, which only allows PlayStation to use Sony-approved software/hardware. A better option is to just use a Roku or Chromecast, if you want to beam screens to a bigger display!

What Is Popcornflix PS3?

Popcornflix is quite similar to the PT app for streaming movies/TV shows. The only difference is that PT does not offer a dedicated application for PS3/PS4. However, Popcornflix does, because it provides viewers with a range of premium content.

Popcorn Time PS4 and PS3 Issues/Errors/Not Working

Since there is no official way to install the Popcorn Time application on PS4/PS3, users have to opt for other methods like sideloading. This process may get complicated, if you do not follow the steps above correctly. To receive better support, watch this video.

Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helps you understand how to install Popcorn Time on PS4/PS3. You can now enjoy watching your favorite movies/TV shows on the gaming console. Feel free to share the article with friends/family members. However, if you encounter any trouble, do not hesitate to comment below!

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