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Popcorn Time Firestick – 3 Minutes Installation Guide

The Amazon Firestick is a handy device that allows any Smart TV to stream content over Wi-Fi, such as Pandora, HBO Go, Hulu, YouTube, and Netflix. All it requires is a simple connection to your TVs HDMI port and you are good to go. Best part of all: you can even use Popcorn Time Firestick.

There is a way for you to sideload the .apk file on the device, allowing you to run Popcorn Time to access an unlimited library of movies/TV shows, at the utmost level of convenience. For more information about installation, read this guide from Popcorn Time VPN.

Warning: Law enforcement agencies and the Copyright holder can track your torrent streams & downloads, we recommend you to use a VPN to stream Popcorn Time on Amazon Fire Stick anonymously, Avail 82% Off on PureVPN.


Popcorn Time Firestick Installation Guide

  1. What is Popcorn Time Firestick?
  2. Popcorn Time Firestick APK
  3. Popcorn Time Firestick Download
  4. How to Install Popcorn Time on Fire TV Stick
  5. Popcorn Time Amazon Firestick Reviews
  6. Popcorn Time Firestick Remote
  7. How to Use Popcorn Time on Firestick by Using VPN
  8. Popcorn Time Firestick Errors/Fixes/Bugs


What is Popcorn Time Firestick?

Popcorn Time is an open-source, multi-platform application that uses BitTorrent along with advanced streaming technology to deliver content. It boasts a similar appearance to Netflix, hence why its become a popular choice to use on bigger screens, especially via Firestick.


Popcorn Time Firestick APK

Popcorn Time offers dedicated applications for most devices/OS. Since Firestick can load Android files, you can easily install the software on your device. This process involves downloading the apk file. You can do so directly from the website or even from Google Play Store.


Popcorn Time Firestick Download

When it comes to downloading Popcorn Time on Firestick, you need to select the correct version. Depending on your TV and Firestick device, you may have to test different versions out to find one that offers the least buggy experience.

Popcorn Time Firestick

How to Install Popcorn Time on Fire TV Stick

  1. Launch Amazon Fire Stick and click on “Settings” from the home screen.How to Install Popcorn Time on Fire TV Stick
  2. Go towards the right and find the “Device” option.Popcorn Time Firestick Download
  3. Scroll down to “Developer Options”.Popcorn Time Firestick APK
  4. Enable “Apps from Unknown Sources”.Popcorn Time Amazon Firestick Reviews
  5. A popup message will appear. Select the “Turn On” option.Popcorn Time Firestick Remote
  6. Go back to the Home Screen and install “Downloader”.popcorn time firestick setup
  7. Enter the URL for website or paste this link for direct download: time streaming to fire tv
  8. Click on the “Download anyway” option to continue the process.popcorn time fire stick settings
  9. Wait a few seconds for the process to to install popcorn time on amazon fire tv stick
  10. Hit the install button.popcorn time firestick configuration
  11. A pop-up message box will appear. Click on “Install” to get popcorn time on amazon fire stick
  12. Wait a few seconds for the installation process to complete, You can now find Popcorn Time in “Your Apps & Games” list.popcorn time para fire stick

Popcorn Time Amazon Firestick Reviews

With the popularity of Popcorn Time growing day-by-day, it is not uncommon for customers of Firestick to find jailbroken versions with pre-installed software. Many demand that Kodi and Popcorn Time both be available on their devices. You can see their excitement in the tweets below:


Popcorn Time Firestick Remote

The original remote for Firestick should conveniently allow you to navigate through the Popcorn Time application. However, if you encounter any issues, you can always download the dedicated Fire TV remote app for Android or iOS from Google Play Store and iTunes respectively.


How to Use Popcorn Time on Firestick by Using VPN

One of the best things about using Popcorn Time is that you do not have to worry about finding a VPN software that offers support for the device/OS you use. Just install the application and sign up for the Popcorn Time VPN service, which starts at $12 monthly and $69 annually.

How to Use Popcorn Time on Firestick by Using VPN

Moreover, if you are looking for an affordable VPN option with much better security protocols and military grade encryption, Avail 81% Off on VPN so you stream anonymously hassle free.


Popcorn Time Firestick Not Working/Errors/Fixes/Bugs

Since Popcorn Time does not offer an optimized Android version for Firestick devices, you may experience some errors/bugs while using the app on a bigger screen. For instance, some users may not be able to use the search function:

Popcorn Time on Amazon Fire Stick ! Very usable from PopCornTime

The best way to troubleshoot software glitches like these is to consider installing different versions of the app to see which one works best. Visit to learn about the numerous variants of the application.


Wrapping Things Up

If you are facing trouble in setting up Popcorn Time on Firestick, make sure to follow the above mentioned steps. Nevertheless, if you encounter any issues/troubles during the process, feel free to drop a comment below. Also, do not forget to share the article with your friends and family members, who may require similar assistance in installing the app.

3 Responses to Popcorn Time Firestick – 3 Minutes Installation Guide

  1. James Gotti says:

    it downloaded fine but i cannot select movie theres no cursor…

    • Paul says:

      im having the same problem, any advice?

    • PopcornTimeVPN says:

      Hello James and paul, Just click on search in the movies section and find one you have to watch. You will get the description window and the option to play the movie. If this doesn’t work, download the Amazon Fire TV Remote for your smartphone (the app is available on iTunes and Google Play Store). Once installed, activate the remote and switch to mouse mode. Enjoy!

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