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Popcorn Time Alternatives Guide 2018 for Watching FREE Movies/TV Shows

Released in 2014, Popcorn Time is an open-source, multi-platform BitTorrent client that combines streaming technology for users to enjoy watching movies/TV shows. Soon after its inception, the software developed a huge following, but it disappeared like a whirlwind, due to anti-piracy agencies taking action.

The original developers, who created the platform as a challenge feared facing legal hassles, and hence took Popcorn Time down. However, since the creators were smart enough to share their open-source code on Github; we quickly saw other developers creating their versions of the platform.

Now the streaming platform is available on five different domains, each with varied features and styling. Therefore, we know Popcorn Time will not be going anywhere anytime soon. Even after the Oslo District Court issued a judgment against it.

However, as they say, one can never be too careful. You need to prepare for the worst. And, if the platform does indeed shut down. You need to know about reliable replacements or learn to use Popcorn Time VPN. So, without further ado, read this guide on the best Popcorn Time alternatives for watching free movies/TV shows.


Popcorn Time Alternatives for Watching FREE Movies/TV Shows

  1. Top Voted Alternative to Popcorn Time
  2. Best 5 Popcorn Time Alternative for Mac
  3. Top 5 Popcorn Time Alternative Android
  4. Popcorn Time Alternative iOS/iPhone
  5. What Happened to Popcorn Time?
  6. Popcorn Time Alternatives Reddit
  7. Popcorn Time vs Kodi


Top Voted Alternative to Popcorn Time

If by any change Popcorn Time stops working and the domain shuts down completely, you need to have a different platform for watching your favorite entertainment. Below is all the info you need on the top voted Popcorn Time alternatives.

After the shutting down of the original Popcorn Time, a group of developers worked on the original coding for continuing to improve the user-experience and design. Though none of them had a connection with the real developers, a new Popcorn Time version made its way onto the internet.

Endorsed by the original team and operational at the URL, you can always check out this version – if ever stops working. It is the closest to the original design of the platform; hence, it acts as the best Popcorn Time alternative for watching your favorite movies/TV shows.

Popcorn Time Alternatives


If you are an Apple TV owner, you know the troubles in installing apps that grant access to pirated content. This is where TorrenTV comes in, which is the best choice for streaming torrents on a multitude of devices, including Linux, Mac, and Windows.

To use TorrenTV, users just have to drag and drop the file they want to watch into the media player. Within a few seconds, the torrent will automatically start loading. You can watch your favorite content via streaming, while the movie/TV show downloads at the back end simultaneously.

TorrenTV Popcorn time Alternative


Nicknamed as the “Popcorn Time beater”, Zona is the Russian alternative for the platform. It boasts the same BitTorrent technology combined with streaming capabilities. It boasts quite the similar appearance to Popcorn Time, but you can even personalize it by choosing from three different themes.

The program is currently only available on Windows. However, it does offer its own search engine and torrent client for those users who are facing trouble with the app. Extra features include a notification service, which tells you find a file becomes available for you to see again.

alternatives to popcorn time


The official YIFY website for torrents already has a very huge following online. However, if you are looking for something a bit different, you might want to check out their YiFy.TV service. It allows users to stream a whole host of movies directly through the browser.

The layout of the website is quite familiar to Netflix, featuring large thumbnails for each movie, divided into various categories. You get to enjoy a huge database of content, but there is a little ambiguity about the reliability of some links. Regardless, YiFy.TV is a good choice for accessing entertainment instantly.



Appearing shortly after the shutting down of the original Popcorn Time, Flixtor takes a lot of inspiration from the open-source application. It has a very attractive and user-friendly interface with beautiful images and short descriptions for every movie and TV shows.

Similar to Popcorn Time, Flixtor is completely open-source. You can use it on a number of devices/OS, which includes Linux, Mac, and Windows. This is the closest spinoff of Popcorn Time, which means you can enjoy a huge range of content – all in one platform.



The top competitor for Popcorn Time also serves as an excellent alternative to the BitTorrent application. Similar to most websites and apps for watching pirated content, Kodi is open-source. It uses various official and third party add-ons for leveraging entertainment.

This includes accessing videos, music, and photos from various areas around the world. You can use extensions like Elysium, Flixanity, Covenant, and Fantastic for watching movies/TV shows. For leveraging LIVE entertainment, you can use add-ons like cCloud TV and SportsDevil.



Best 5 Popcorn Time Alternative for Mac

Finding open-source applications like Popcorn Time is a tough ordeal for Mac users. However, it is all about looking at the right places. Below are the best 5 Popcorn Time alternatives for Mac that you can use for streaming movies/TV shows anytime!


Stremio exists as one of the most famous names following Popcorn Time and Kodi. It is a media center, which allows users access to movies, TV series, and YouTube channels instantly. Best part of all: you get to enjoy HD content with subtitles, making Stremio the best Popcorn Time alternative for mac.

If you want to enjoy watching your favorite entertainment on a bigger screen, Stremio even offers the ability of casting any file to TV through AppleTV, Chromecast, or DLNA. The platform even gives notifications for new episodes/movies, along with recommendations for what to watch.

Popcorn Time Alternatives for Mac


As the name implies, this application for MAC allows users to stream torrents directly through magnet links. All you have to do is paste the link and hit the play button. Once the streaming process begins, the application will also download the file at the back end.

It is the first torrent client built for the web and does not require the installation of any plug-ins or extensions. The platform is incredibly easy to use. Not only do you enjoy instant playback, but also WebRTC leak protection on TCP & UDP protocols within the app.


Butter Project

In terms of appearance, the Butter Project looks quite similar to Flixtor. It uses the same BitTorrent technology with a streaming twist for providing pirated content to users from around the world. This enables you to watch movies through torrents, without any prerequisites.

Best part of all: you can use the website on a variety of platforms. These include Android, Linux, Mac, and Windows – as Butter Project operates online rather than in-app. It is the perfect location for accessing all types of movies, as the platform boasts a huge content library of entertainment.

Butter Project


DuckieTV is the ultimate application for finding and downloading your favorite TV shows on Mac. It boasts the same open-source coding and supports other platforms/OS like Windows, Android, Linux, and browsers like Chrome and Fireworks.

Another great thing about DuckieTV is that it is highly rated and FREE. This means, everyone can use it for watching their favorite content. In fact, they even offer 15 different languages with subtitles for you to properly engage and indulge yourself in the film.


HD Movie Center

If you are looking for high quality torrents for streaming your favorite movies/TV shows, HD Movie Center is the perfect place to visit. The platform provides every cinema lover the best experience with a huge database of content, which includes reviews, movie posters, plot, trailers, and ratings.

To begin watching movies, all you have to do is click the “Stream HD” button and the platform will pull the content from reliable sources. The website even offers features like filtering options, social login, add to favorites, and search as you type.

alternatives to popcorn time mac

Top 5 Popcorn Time Alternative Android

The Android OS is loaded with a ton of useful applications, which can easily be installed from the Google Play Store. Below is a list of the best Popcorn Time alternatives for Android:

Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is the universal application for Android users who want to watch high-quality videos in 720P and 1080P. You can easily download and install it free of cost and view movies/TV shows in both: offline and online mode. It is almost like the Popcorn Time for Android.

Every video comes with subtitles and you can even choose the language, similar to Popcorn Time. Though initially intended for Android use only, the application is now becoming popular among users of other OS/devices.

Popcorn Time Alternative Android


Another hit application for Android users, Mobdro allows users to watch their favorite TV shows, movies, music videos, sports, and news on a single platform. You can use the app free of charge, but for a more diverse range of content – there is also a premium version available.

Best part of all: the application boasts a very intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. Everything from the menu to its content is exceptional. In addition to streaming movies and live TV, users can even load podcasts and other forms of entertainment.

alternatives to popcorn time android


This premium app is perfect for enjoying free feature length films on your tablets and smartphones. By downloading it, you will gain access to a directory of over 700 films, which feature the biggest stars in Hollywood in a wide range of genres.



If you are in search for a streaming platform that offers exclusive horror content, then there is no better choice than Shudder. As the name implies, the service has the main aim of spreading a ghoulish library of horror films to shudder the audience.

The website and app are the creation of horror aficionados, who regularly update the database of content with frightening scary films that will leave your heart beating faster than a racecar. You may even find that old favorite you were horrified of as a kid.



Developed by the same creators of PlayBox HD, this new streaming platform is perfect for a Popcorn Time alternative. It offers exceptional standard and quality with movies displayed beautifully in large thumbnails, along with their details.

Best part of all: you are not only limited to watching movies/TV shows. You can also enjoy streaming cartoon and anime series. Thanks to a “favorites” folder, you can even save movies you would want to watch for later. The app is truly worth downloading.


Popcorn Time Alternative iOS/iPhone

Finding dedicated applications for iOS users who want to access pirated content will always be a difficult task. However, it is all about knowing the right places. Refer to the two names below:


If you cannot download the abovementioned applications from iTunes, you might want to opt for a simpler solution. Some developers of the Popcorn Time application have created a website version of the entire application, which is the same in appearance, settings, and styling.

popcorn time alternatives for ios and iphone


Streamza is one of the only few BitTorrent services that can easily be installed from iTunes. It offers access to gazillions of torrents on your phone, while offering an elegant remote at your disposal for enjoying an uninterrupted cinematic experience.

Once you download the application, Streamza will offer you a number of conveniences. It will fetch any torrent content from the web, safely store them in your account, and even often streaming/downloading. Best part of all: you can even share your favorites with friends.

alternatives to popcorn time ios and iphone


What Happened to Popcorn Time?

The very first Popcorn Time website to be created met its demise just a few days after being released to the public on the internet. Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) was planning to take strict legal action in light of the application spreading pirated content FREE of charge.

The official reason developers gave for shutting the website down was being caught up with the online copyright debate. However, since they managed to paste their open-source code on Github, soon enough copycat versions started appearing. Now there are more than five popcorn time domains!


Popcorn Time Alternatives Reddit

Popcorn Time manages to create quite an impression on Reddit users. The platform is quite famous and you can find many individuals searching for information on debugging or solving various issues. Some even ask about alternatives to the app. From the list, some of the top names included Kodi, Zona, Flixtor, Terrarium TV, and Stremio.


Popcorn Time vs. Kodi

Popcorn Time vs Kodi – If we talk in terms of streaming exclusively, then Popcorn Time definitely manages to take away the cake. The application offers HD streaming on torrent links from all over the world and comes equipped with a built-in VPN service that can offer you protection when streaming pirated content.

Playing a movie is as simple as pressing the “Watch Now” button. However, the same cannot be said about Kodi, which requires users to install multiple add-ons to access pirated content. This can get frustrating at times. On a positive note, Kodi allows you to enjoy live TV and even play games.


Why You Should Always Use A VPN for Popcorn Time Alternatives?

If you want to mitigate the risks of paying hefty fees for streaming pirated content, then there is no better solution than using a VPN service. By masking your IP address and encrypting your network with 256-bit ciphers, it can become impossible for governmental agencies and local ISPs to trace your internet and streaming history. Some of the best providers include PureVPN, ExpressVPN, and NordVPN. Just Checkout the Latest comparison of NordVPN vs Private Internet Access by


Wrapping Things Up

We hope this guide helped you in finding a suitable Popcorn Time alternative that adjusts to your needs and requirements. Feel free to drop a comment below, if you encounter any troubles while testing any service/app. Also, do not hesitate on sharing the article with friends/family members, who love watching movies/TV shows!

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