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About Us

Founded in 2017, aims to help customers and fans of the popular open source, online movie/TV show streaming service, Popcorn Time! As you probably know, the app offers a huge collection of pirated films, laid out in an incredibly beautiful and interactive outlook.

It shows movies/TV shows in the form of thumbnail grids while displaying other vital details of each episode like star ratings, synopses, and trailers. By fusing P2P protocol and streaming technology, users can stream HD content through the Popcorn Time platform, without spamming or cheap advertising. guides users with beneficial streaming guides, security tutorials, and troubleshooting tips for keeping your identity protected and traffic data secure, while ensuring you enjoy the best cinematic experience at the comfort of your home.


Why Did We Take this Step?

After observing the internet laws getting tougher and seeing many people be charged with fines just for viewing certain content online, we realized things are different now. Users have to be concerned about their privacy, especially if they want to explore the internet freely.

Therefore, we are thrilled to offer a solution to help all Popcorn Time fanatics with troubleshooting, news, guides, and handy tips to keep their identity secure. Nobody should be treated like a criminal just for watching TV shows/movies online.

So, began its services with a beta test website for educating users on how to use the open-source, streaming service with anonymity and privacy in mind. Slowly, our audience of viewers grew, asking for support to use the app on multiple platforms.

As a result, in a mission to satisfy the needs of our viewers, we help provide knowledge on how to watch TV shows/movies on various devices/OS, while also providing information about data retention laws and user privacy.