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Top 9 Popcorn Time VPN Services for February 2018

Popcorn Time is an innovative streaming service that uses BitTorrent technology to bring latest movies and TV shows. It boasts an integrated media player and offers a slick looking user interface, which is similar to Netflix in many ways. Unlike regular BitTorrent clients, Popcorn Time uses sequential downloading to stream media instantly. However, once you dive into the implications of BitTorrent technology, there are many restrictions and vulnerabilities. Dubbed ‘Netflix for Pirate’, Popcorn Time is on many copyright holders radar for offering freemium content to stream online. Therefore, to access the streaming service anonymously, you should use a Popcorn Time VPN.




Since Popcorn Time functions on BitTorrent protocol, it allows users to share files among each other in a decentralized manner. This way the files are never stored on a central server and no server operator comes under any scrutiny with the authorities.

One downside of using BitTorrent protocol is that the IP address of users sharing the same file is visible to the open world. Copyright holders can identify infringers using these pools of IP addresses and hold them accountable.

On paper, Popcorn Time might look like a regular torrent client, but it works using the same principles. So, is it safe to use Popcorn Time without VPNs? In reality, you could, but the consequences of not securing your identity are severe. Here are some reasons why a VPN is necessary for Popcorn Time:

  1. Your IP address is visible to everyone while streaming content on Popcorn Time
  2. Internet Service Providers can inspect your browsing & download activities
  3. ISPs can throttle your network connection as you stream on Popcorn Time
  4. Copyright holders can issue penalties, DMCA, and prosecute users who infringe copyrights
  5. Popcorn Time is blocked in certain parts of the world
  6. A VPN can fend off malware and cyber-attacks


Best Popcorn Time VPN – Reviews & Features

Popcorn Time VPN can help you mask your original IP address and prevent ISPs from monitoring your activities. Likewise, you can bypass internet censorship and geo-restrictions on the streaming service through a VPN.

Since there are numerous VPN services at your disposal, selecting the right one can be difficult. So, allow us to help you out! After rigorous screening and testing, here are the best VPN services you can use.

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Best VPN for Popcorn Time – PureVPN

At the top of our list is PureVPN for Popcorn Time. What makes this provider the best? Features such as dedicated servers, optimized for the use of P2P file sharing offers quick performance and untethered speeds. Some of these server locations include Luxemburg, British Virgin Islands, Monaco, and several other regions. This entails that you can use Popcorn Time without any delay or interruptions.

In addition to dedicated servers, PureVPN also offers neat security features for anonymity. Its IP masking ability, AES 256 bit encryption, and the ability to block Malware and Trojans will help to safeguard your privacy and security while streaming on Popcorn Time.


2. Best VPN for Popcorn Time – ExpressVPN

Second on our list is ExpressVPN for Popcorn Time. ExpressVPN is an established VPN provider that offers a wide range of features. Is it any good for securing your identity while using Popcorn Time?

ExpressVPN offers servers across 94 countries and around 145 cities, allowing users to unblock Popcorn Time from almost everywhere. The expansive server spread also helps to mask your original IP address and adopt an address from numerous locations.

ExpressVPN for Popcorn Time

On a downside, the prices of ExpressVPN are on a higher side. It is amongst the most expensive VPN services you can buy. However, if prices are not a problem, then you can take full advantage of its OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPsec protocol, zero logging policy, and AES 256 bit encryption.


3. Best VPN for Popcorn Time – NordVPN

NordVPN is excellent at securing your privacy and security while offering commendable performance. It also supports the use of P2P file sharing, which means you can use Popcorn Time without any fears of performance issues. A feature that stands out for NordVPN is its Double VPN. This feature redirects your internet traffic through two different servers, making it difficult for anyone to snoop on your activities.

nordvpn for popcorn time

NordVPN also offers features such as Automatic Kill Switch, compatible apps for popular operating systems, and DNS leak protection. When you combine all of these features while using NordVPN for Popcorn Time, the results are outstanding.


4. Best VPN for Popcorn Time – VyprVPN

VyprVPN, a product of Golden Frog offers loads of benefits and features. The best thing about VyprVPN is that it treats all traffic equally, whether it is P2P or torrent traffic. So, you can use the VPN service to hide your internet traffic and use Popcorn Time anonymously.

VyprVPN for Popcorn Time

VyprVPN offers a free trial to new subscribers, allowing them to test the provider before committing to a lengthy subscription plan. Furthermore, its 700+ servers across 70+ locations will help to unblock Popcorn Time in regions where it is blocked.


5. Best VPN for Popcorn Time – TorGuard

Last in our list is TorGuard VPN for Popcorn Time. The first thing to notice about TorGuard is its extensive pricing plan. Our suggestion is that you select ‘Anonymous VPN’ package, as it offers over 3000 servers spread across 50 countries.

TorGuard VPN for Popcorn Time

Moreover, with the addition of OpenVPN protocol and AES 256 bit encryption, your traffic will remain secure. TorGuard also provides native apps and software for Windows, OS X, iOS and Android. When you combine such compatibility with P2P support, TorGuard is an attractive option.


Top Free Popcorn Time VPN

In the midst of all premium providers, there are also different free VPN for Popcorn Time. Such is the diversity of the VPN industry that you are often spoiled for choice. However, as attractive as freemium service look on paper, they aren’t adequate for securing your privacy and security all the time.

Why is that so? Consider the following reasons:

  1. Free popcorn time VPN services offer limited security features
  2. Often you cannot choose the level of encryption key or protocol in free VPNs
  3. Freemium services can keep logs of your activities
  4. They are notorious for selling user information to third parties
  5. Many free services plague user experience by displaying ads
  6. Free VPN for popcorn time offer limited server options

Top Free Popcorn Time VPN

Give the atrocities of your privacy while using a free VPN, there are some providers that you can still consider. Here are our pick for top 3 free VPN for Popcorn Time.


betternet free popcorn time vpn

Betternet is a free VPN service with striking features. You get to use servers spread across 10 different countries and the ability to mask your true identity. This works in favor of everyone trying to use Popcorn Time anonymously. Likewise, Betternet offers slick and easy-to-use apps for Windows, Android, iOS, and Mac operating system. However, Betternet will display advertisements when using the service. As long as you are comfortable with pop-up ads, Betternet should work seamlessly.



TunnelBear is a Canadian VPN provider and has been operating for some time in the industry. With a cool looking mascot and state of the art features, TunnelBear will secure your privacy while streaming on Popcorn Time.

tunnelbear free popcorn time vpn

Similarly, if you are looking to unblock the streaming service, then using its expansive server spread will help you bypass all kinds of restrictions. Sadly, the free package of TunnelBear only offers 500MB of bandwidth, which isn’t sufficient for binging shows or downloading game of thrones torrent back to back.



The list of free VPNs won’t be complete without mention SurfEasy VPN. The free package offers good performance and allows you to connect its full range of servers. It also boasts apps and software for all major platforms and operating system. However, just like TunnelBear, SurfEasy also restricts its free package to 500 MB bandwidth. Users will have to use the free service sparingly if they want to use the service with Popcorn Time.

surfeasy free popcorn time vpn

How to Setup Popcorn Time VPN Version 5.6.1 on Windows

For all Windows users, Popcorn Time is available for Windows XP and above versions. This means you will need a VPN that is also compatible on Windows. Fortunately, all VPN providers you will come across are compatible on Windows. Some offer native VPN software for Windows, allowing easy configuration and quick accessibility.

How to Setup Popcorn Time VPN on Windows

The premium options mentioned earlier in the guide offer exclusive software for Windows, which are lightweight, easy-to-use, and feature-rich. Here’s how to setup VPN Popcorn Time on Windows:

  1. Select a VPN provider
  2. Sign-up for the service
  3. Confirm your details (if required)
  4. Download the VPN software for Windows
  5. Run the setup procedure and launch the software
  6. Login to the VPN software
  7. Choose a server and hit connect
  8. After successful connection, launch Popcorn Time & enjoy anonymous streaming


How to Use Popcorn Time VPN on Android

Given Android devices popularity, there are numerous VPN apps you can choose. They offer wide range of features with good performance. The VPN services specified earlier in the table are compatible on Android.

How to Use Popcorn Time VPN on Android

Hence, if you want to use VPN for Popcorn Time on Android, just follow these steps:

  1. Choose a VPN service you want to use
  2. Create an account (this can also be down in-app)
  3. Launch Google Play Store
  4. Search for the VPN app (or go to VPN provider’s website and navigate to Play Store’s link)
  5. Download and install the app
  6. Launch the app and login using the credentials created at the time of registration
  7. Select a server you want to connect
  8. Now run Popcorn Time on Android with full privacy


How to Install Popcorn Time VPN on Mac & iOS

VPN Popcorn Time is an imperative software to have on Mac and iOS device as it secures your connection. Like we have already established on a number of times, Popcorn Time users get into trouble for a variety of reasons and running a VPN is one of the ways to remain anonymous.

How to Install Popcorn Time VPN on Mac & iOS

To install and create VPN account for Popcorn Time on iOS & Mac devices, follow these steps:

  1. Find a VPN service you want to use
  2. Subscribe to the service
  3. Now download the VPN software (you can use VPN provider’s website or Apple App Store to look up the native client)
  4. Install the software on your device
  5. Launch the VPN and login to the service
  6. Now connect to a VPN server to become anonymous
  7. Run Popcorn Time from anywhere on Mac or iOS devices

How to Configure Popcorn Time VPN on Chromecast

Google Chromecast offers diverse features and lets you turn your HD TV into a Smart TV. With numerous apps available on Play Store, Chromecast is an innovative device. You can also use VPN Popcorn Time on Chromecast and enjoy streaming unlimited shows or movies.

How to Configure Popcorn Time VPN on Chromecast

Sadly, Chromecast does not have a built-in VPN support. It also does not have any VPN apps available on Google’s Play Store for Chromecast. Therefore, to configure VPN Popcorn Time on Chromecast, you will need to setup a VPN on a router or share your VPN connection via laptop or PC.

There are numerous routers you can use, but I would suggest using routers with DD-WRT or Tomato firmware. If you are looking at the setup process for VPN on routers, you can follow the tutorials offered by respective VPN providers. Each VPN service has its own set of requirements for Tomato or DD-WRT router, so it is best to contact their customer support or follow the guides for assistance.

Popcorn Time Video Guide 2018

Popcorn Time Download for PS4 / PS3

Unfortunately, there is no dedicated Popcorn Time application available for PS4/PS3. Sony does not allow for the usage of apps that implement BitTorrent protocols on the PlayStation platform. At the same time, you cannot download software from the built-in browser of PS4/PS3. However, this does not mean, we do not have a solution. Follow the steps below to start streaming Popcorn Time on your PlayStation.

  1. Install the Popcorn Time application for your computer
  2. After completion, install “Plex” Media Player too
  3. Launch the Popcorn Time application
  4. Select the “Settings” option
  5. Click on “Show Advanced Settings”
  6. Scroll down until you find “Cache Directory”
  7. Head towards Users/username/Documents
  8. Create a folder named “Popcorn Time Streaming App”
  9. Launch the Plex software and include a new library via “Plus Sign”
  10. From the list of options, select “Movies” and set pat to “Cache Directory”
  11. Open terminal on your system by typing “ifconfig” (MAC) and search for your IPv4
  12. Type the IPv4 address in your PlayStation’s internet browser to get started
  13. At the end of the IPv4 add: “:34000/home/index.html”
  14. It would look a little similar to this: “”
  15. You will see a Plex Interface appear on the PlayStation
  16. Select a movie you wish to see and let it download in the background
  17. All favorites will appear on PlayStation under the “Plex Library”
  18. Enjoy streaming movies/TV shows on your PS4/PS3


How to Download Popcorn Time Free

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably do know that Popcorn Time is available FREE of cost. The software is the creation of a group of developers, who aimed to improve the online streaming experience for movies/TV series. The code of the app is open-source and most agree on keeping the service free. You can easily download the application from for Windows. For other devices, check the dedicated store out. For instance, the Android app is available at the Google Play Store.


Popcorn Time APK 2017 with Amazing Features

  1. Engaging Interface – Even on APK file for Android, the Popcorn Time application offers the most intuitive and user-friendly interface. All movies/TV shows available to watch and viewable in large thumbnails, along with additional information like star ratings, content data, and trailer videos. The app is truly an elegant piece of creation for watching your favorite entertainment.
  2. No Irritating Promotions – Similar to its desktop app counterparts, the Popcorn Time APK file avoids plaguing your Android screen with infuriating promotions and silly advertisements. This allows users to watch their favorite movies/TV shows in peace, without constantly clicking on the cross button to close ads. The platform is truly a masterpiece.
  3. Access Files Offline – Another great feature of the Popcorn Time APK version is that it allows users to stream torrents, while also download them at the back-end. Once the entire streaming reaches an end, you can easily access the offline file to watch your desired content later. No application as of yet offers such an amazing movie-watching experience.


Popcorn Time What Is Real? What Is Fake?

The answer to this question does not revolve around separating links of different Popcorn Time solutions. Bear in mind that all currently working forks are “fake” in the sense they have no affiliation with the original website and application. That shut down way back in 2014. Since then, it has just been new developers taking a try on the open-source code available via Github. However, if you are looking for the best links, check out and


Popcorn Time Built-In VPN

Popcorn Time also offers its own built-in VPN service for user’s convenience. If you don’t want to use a third party VPN service, you can sign up for Popcorn Time’s built-in VPN service. However, the software will only work with Popcorn Time and no other software.

Currently, the built-in VPN service offers two packages to subscribers. One-month plan is available for $12.00 and a yearly package is available for $5.75 per month ($69.00 in total). As far as its performance goes, the service delivers quick performance with adequate features.

Popcorn Time Built In VPN

However, there is limited information about the security features offered by the built-in provider. Likewise, I was unable to find any data about


Popcorn Time VPN Warning

Now if you are a new Popcorn Time user and never interacted with the service before, you will see a VPN warning message by Popcorn Time. This warning pops up as soon as you click on any media file for streaming. It appears to warn users that ISPs, the government, and other intelligence agencies might monitor their online activities.

Popcorn Time VPN Warning


How Does Popcorn Time Detect VPN?

If you are using a Popcorn Time’s built-in VPN, the message will not appear if the connection is active. However, if you are running a third party VPN provider, the warning message will still pop-up, even though the VPN is running in the background. In such events, check your IP address and DNS leaks for surety. If the IP address matches that of the VPN server, it is safe to stream on Popcorn Time.

How Does Popcorn Time Detect VPN


Does VPN keep logs for Popcorn Time?

This is where in-depth research before VPN selection is critical. There are providers that keep logs of user’s online activities and browsing history. If you come across VPN that keeps logs for Popcorn Time, turn away and choose another provider. Such providers are unsafe as they may hand over user’s information to the authorities and even sell this data to third parties.

Does VPN keep logs for Popcorn Time

Log issues are present in free VPN services or providers that do not allow P2P file sharing on their servers. To bypass this issue, here are two tips you can follow:

  1. Check the privacy policy of a VPN and look for the data they store/collect
  2. Find out if the service support P2P file sharing and on which servers (you can contact their customer support if the information is not available on the website)

Popcorn Time VPN Reddit Reviews

When it comes to finding reviews about the streaming service, we turn to reddit. It is a popular community where people from all over the world discuss and share things about tech, movies, shows, games, privacy, Popcorn Time, and just about anything. To find out about the best service, here are some VPN on Popcorn Time reviews on reddit:

Here is a Popcorn Time user complaining about PIA.


Comment from discussion PIA vs VPN.HT. is a popular provider for Popcorn Time, mainly because it offered built-in VPN capabilities. Below is a user praising’s customer support.


Comment from discussion PIA vs VPN.HT.

PureVPN also has a fair share of fans on reddit. Although the service is controversial reviews, one user found its performance very good.


Popcorn Time VPN Not Working

As you start using VPN for Popcorn Time, you might encounter an issue where VPN doesn’t work. There are various reasons for this issue, as server downtime and heavy load can plague your VPN experience. If this happens, try switching between servers to find out, which is the best.

Popcorn Time VPN Not Working

Similarly, VPN protocols can also cause the service from working. You should try out different protocols to find out the correct balance. OpenVPN is another way of rectifying this issue. The open source OpenVPN client can allow seamless performance without any delays.

If the problem continues to occur, then it’s best to contact your VPN provider. Their customer support may be able to offer guides, technical support, and other assistance so that Popcorn Time works without any delays.


Popcorn Time VPN Disabled

If you are using the latest version of Popcorn Time (v5.6.1), then you will be constantly bombarded with ‘Enable VPN’ messages, even though you have a VPN running. Sadly, there is no direct option to turn this off from Popcorn Time settings. However, this issue is only prevalent in the latest beta version or the software downloaded from

how to disable popcorn time vpn


One way of disabling Popcorn Time VPN message warnings is by changing your software version. Many users on different communities recommend shifting to an older version. A thread on Reddit highlighted that downloading Popcorn Time from will help you get software version 3.10, which will not prompt VPN warning message or any other advertisements.


How to Use Popcorn Time without VPN

Streaming shows and movies on Popcorn Time without a VPN sounds almost insane, especially if you live in a region with strict copyright laws. But what if, there is a service that lets you stream content legal?

ReelGood, a streaming hub created by the same developers of Popcorn Time, allows cord cutters to aggregate their streaming services into a single interface. ReelGood brings together content from over 250 different channels and streaming services, enabling streamers to keep track of all their shows and movies.

how to use popcorn time without vpn


You can add Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu, Starz, FX, Showtime, Amazon Prime, and numerous other streaming service accounts to ReelGood. This way you don’t have to individually access each streaming service, instead just switch between them using ReelGood.

Therefore, there is a way to use Popcorn Time without VPN and worry about infringing copyrights. However, don’t be too hasty. If you reside outside the US, you may still need a VPN to overcome geo-restrictions and unblock services such as Hulu and HBO NOW.


Popcorn Time VPN Deals 2017

In light of the Holiday season, Popcorn Time VPN has accumulated some of the best deals you can avail for gaining utmost level of privacy and security online, at minimum pricing!


Based in Hong Kong, PureVPN ranks among the top providers, but also the most budget-friendly. The VPN is now offering a 82% discount on the monthly pricing, if you opt for the 3-year plan. This means, you only have to pay $1.92 per month, which totals to $69 only for 36-months access!



The famous OVPN client used for manually configuring OpenVPN protocol is popular for its ease-of-use and customization features. Now, it is also famous for being incredibly budget-friendly, allowing potential customers to buy its 12-months plan for only $84, giving you an amazing 36% discount!

OVPN Deals 2017



For its holiday season sale, ActiVPN has gone the extra mile in making its service incredibly budget-friendly. You can gain access to the VPNs one year plan for only $4 per month, charged as a one off payment of $49.99 (allowing you to leverage an extraordinary 73% discount).

ActiVPN Deals


IronSocket joins the ranks of other providers to introduce a cost-effective plan in light of the holiday season. You can subscribe to their 1-year plan, which starts at $4.16 per month. This means, you only have to pay $49.95 for a total of 12-months (receiving a remarkable 40% discount).

IronSocket Deals


Final Words

In a nutshell, Popcorn Time offers users free content to stream online. With its slick user interface and commendable performance, Popcorn Time offers latest movies and TV shows. You can stream just about any of your favorite content on Popcorn Time. That said, VPN is imperative for securing your IP while streaming online. Due to its nature, Popcorn Time users are always under the threat of copyright infringement. But if you have a VPN by your side, you can remain anonymous and stream without any fear.

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